Low Power Factor?
Let us cut your power bills as much as 30%.

Problems with Harmonic Distortion?

--mysterious breaker trips, overheated conductors, data transmission errors, failed variable speed drives or DC inverters, low power factor even with power factor correction capacitors, failed capacitors?
Thunderbyrd can mitigate the effects of distortion on your power system.

Commercial and industrial consumers in many parts of the country can virtually eliminate utility surcharges for low power factor by installing a Thunderbyrd Power Factor Correction system. Many customers also realize a 1% to 6% reduction in demand and energy consumption. In addition to reducing your power bill, stabilize incoming line voltage, reduce internal line losses and heat buildup, increase the operating life of motors, and increase the available capacity of incoming supply lines and transformers.

Thunderbyrd's innovative technology can save you money if your utility charges you:
- a power factor penalty (or surcharge) exceeding $150 each month, or
- a demand or capacity charge that is based on kilovolt-ampers or kVA (not kW) that exceeds $750 each month, or
- for energy (kilowatt-hours) based on a price that varies with your kVA-demand and your total power bill exceedes $1,500 each month.